Invest in Group Disability Insurance in Ellsworth, ME

Invest in Group Disability Insurance in Ellsworth, ME

Work with Downeast Insurance Solutions to find the best policy

If you’ve got a group of people that want to purchase a group disability insurance policy, schedule an appointment with the team at Downeast Insurance Solutions. We’ll explain the pros and cons of buying such a policy and help you find the most comprehensive coverage for your needs. Group disability insurance can cover business, union groups, school members and more. Anyone who chooses to take part in your group disability insurance policy can typically do so without a medical exam or other proof of health, meaning you can provide health care coverage for everyone regardless of any preexisting conditions.

Our insurance agents can tailor your group disability policy to your specific needs and budget. Get started by calling Downeast Insurance Solutions at 207-669-5464.

What does group disability insurance cover?

Ellsworth, Maine’s Downeast Insurance Solutions can help protect you and your loved ones when you’re injured or too sick to work. Our team can find an affordable group disability insurance policy for you that can help:

  • Protect your income when you’re out of work
  • Pay your medical costs
  • Pay your rent, car payment and other daily expenses

Get the best group disability insurance available by contacting Downeast Insurance Solutions.