Are you looking for a life policy that lasts you long term?

Downeast Insurance provides Permanent Life Insurance policies for you and your family in Ellsworth, ME

What is Permanent Life Insurance? It is life insurance that is designed to provide benefits for your entire life, even beyond the age of 100. Due to its flexibility and tax advantages, permanent life insurance makes an excellent foundation of any financial plan. There is simply no other financial product that can provide the instant and affordable financial security for working people.

Permanent life insurance can also provide valuable benefits for employees in corporate settings and small businesses. Permanent life insurance builds valuable policy values that can be used for a variety of financial needs including:

  • income replacement
  • mortgage insurance
  • financing children's education
  • savings for retirement.

Permanent life insurance is often used to provide a financial legacy for children, grandchildren, or charitable organizations and can pay final expenses. In addition to a death benefit some policies provide accelerated death benefits (access to death benefit as a lump sum cash payment to policy owner) as a result of heart attack, stroke, cancer, terminal illness, and long term care. This benefit can be used to pay for anything and there is no repayment obligation or borrowing cost.

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